January Hellebores

Welcome to Week 3 of The Blooms.

In January I am so happy to see my very small cluster of hellebores poke through the soil at the side of the house.  Not just because of their long awaited blooms of winter, but also their presence means spring will not be far behind.  To celebrate this, for this weeks arrangement, I decided to mix my home grown hellebores with some local greenhouse grown tulips I bought from the mountain market a short walk from my house.  I chose these because their origin was labelled on the flowers sleeve, and a quick google search revealed their grown location to be just a mere 20 km away.  Unfortunately their website had limited information on the farms facilities and farming methods are completely unknown, so ‘local’ is as good as it gets in this arrangement.  The final ingredient I added for foliage was some salal, also from my garden.  What resulted was a small posy for the bedroom, the coolest room in the house, where it will likely last the longest.


I also made another similar arrangement adding some of the forced amaryllis I had grown and some of the hellebore foliage.

2 thoughts on “January Hellebores

  1. Beautiful soft colours,which compliment the quilt! Interesting to know how long your arrangements last,and perhaps see how you have to change the arrangement to keep it going.


  2. Thanks! It is a great quilt! The Hellebores in this arrangement only lasted 2-3 days, despite plunging the ends in boiling water for about 10 seconds to prolong their life. Hellebores just don’t really like being indoors. Having said this, if Hellebores are picked when they are ripe, they will last longer (more detail coming in an up and coming blog post). The tulips in the first arrangement and amaryllis in the second arrangement, on the other hand, lasted well over a week indoors and I reused these on their own in smaller bud vases.


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