Oh! What to grow?

There are two factors currently making it difficult for me to decide what to grow.  First, I won’t be able to commit any time to my cutting patch and planting seeds during the end of March and the first week in April. Second, as of now, I don’t have anywhere warm to start off my seeds. There isn’t really any suitable sunny space left in my garden for a big greenhouse or polytunnel. I don’t have a propagator and even in the house I don’t have window sills big enough to put seed trays. Perhaps if I stick to annual seed that I can plant direct into my raised beds when the soil is warm enough, both my problems will be solved?

With all this in mind, last night I sat down at my computer to buy my seeds. As I scrolled through catalogues with endless pictures of beautiful blooms, deciding what to grow didn’t seem so difficult after all. Before I knew it I managed to drop a hefty sum on seeds, bulbs and tubers that I simply couldn’t do without irrespective of their sow date. Because, of course, wouldn’t it be so amazing to have flowers that will look as magnificent as the pictures and I’m sure I’ll figure it out somehow!! I’m sure an experienced gardener would spot me as a newbie a mile off! But hey, isn’t that what this is all about? I’ve started. I’m giving it a go. I’m learning. Most of all I’m excited.

I’m also now going to have to get hold of some kind of greenhouse, be it a plastic one, so I can start some of my new seeds in trays.


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