Spring’s First

Welcome to Week 9 of The Blooms

As I picked the ingredients for this weeks arrangement, my first thought was that this would definitely have to be my first Spring posting.  Daffodils are suddenly everywhere I look.  Previously scrambling, brown and messy branches are now looking dramatic covered in bright yellow forsythia blooms. And picking the amazing azure blue blooms of the burnnera growing in my neighbour’s garden was definitely indication enough that, yup, it’s Spring!


But if I think about it harder….Spring didn’t just ‘happen’ one day.  As with all the seasons,  they are continually ‘happening’.

Every day I walk my dog with the kids around the same old trails.  What has once felt like an arduous task….same old trees, same old bushes, same old poop bags, same old ‘Mom I’m tired, mom I’m hungry, mom I’m cold, mom I’ve stepped in dog poo’….has this last year become one of my favourite parts of the day.  Never before have I experienced such beauty in the mundane.  And never before have I been so aware of the changes happening around me in nature from day to day, even hour to hour!  I actually think in part, I have my kids to thank for that!  It’s amazing how observant and in tune with the present their little minds are, and more often than not it is them who spot the single pink bloom on the salmon berry bush, or the little robin following us through the woods, or that the water in the stream has risen or fallen, and just today, they spotted a busy bee buzzing around a lonely crocus in our garden.

Spring has been happening for a while now and I’m loving every minute!

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