West Coast Girl

Welcome to Week 11 of The Blooms

 logoFThis weeks arrangement was made intentionally for my dear friend Leslie, the talent behind the beautiful 4 Blooms and a Bee logo. I’ve never worked with someone who is so on my wave length.  A quick discussion while picking the kids up from preschool, late night texts, and a lovely night out later, Leslie managed to draw exactly what was in my head! A crash course in photoshop for me and there you have it. Thank you Leslie!


The tulips were sorced locally from Onos Greenhouses Ltd, the narcissus and euphorbia were grown in my garden and the pussy willow was also sourced locally but the exact farms origin is unknown.

2 thoughts on “West Coast Girl

  1. Love your blog Hannah , Mum told me about it today when we were having a Skype . I am now following you on Instagram and have liked your Facebook page . Your approach is so refreshing , and information great . You have a lovely style with your writing . Good luck and well done , I am a fan xx 🌷Angie x

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    1. Thanks Angie! Just a little hobby for now but I’m loving being out in the garden and am learning so much! I keep thinking back to the beautiful country gardens like yours and mums in Whitchurch. I’d do anything for a garden like that here in Canada!
      So nice to see you and your girls on instagram. They are so grown up and all so beautiful.
      And I love all your tea sets. Im trying to get mum to ship all her china out so I can arrange flowers in it!
      Great to hear from you. Thanks for following:)xx


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