Britain’s Easter Flower

Welcome to Week 12 of The Blooms (From Great Britain!)

IMG_2730 I’m back in my home county, Buckinghamshire, in Great Britain for this weeks post.  As soon as I arrived I knew my next arrangement would involve narcissus (more commonly known as daffodils) as they are everywhere.  Not just in people’s yards and public gardens, but in the wild, along hedgerows, the side of the road, and walkways and paths.  I’ve been trying to spot as many different varieties as I can!  The most recognizable is the large-headed bright yellow variety with a central trumpet.  My personal favourites are off white or pale lemon coloured double daffodil varieties, or the smaller scented tete a tete or paper whites.

IMG_2669 IMG_2700

Luckily the florists and supermarkets here are also full of British grown narcissus which of course ticks my box for locally sourced seasonal blooms, and it’s where I purchased the blooms for this weeks arrangement.  The exact farms location is unknown but flower labelling assures me they are British grown.  I couldn’t resist adding bit of patriotic ribbon to the finished little posie!  As narcissus are often given and brought into the home at Easter time, symbolizing new life and hope, I couldn’t think of a better way to wish you a bright and Happy Easter from 4 Blooms and a Bee.


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