Where There’s Tea (And Flowers) There’s Hope

Welcome to Week 14 of The Blooms

Rosie Lee, You and Me, Splosh, Cuppa, just plain old tea, what ever you want to call it….for me having a cup of tea is, and always has been, ridiculously comforting! Hence why I have several cups a day.


Recently drinking tea has started to go hand in hand with my flower arranging.  The best cuppa for me right now is had sitting and looking at my most recent creation, dreaming of a future surrounded by flowers!  At times during the last few weeks things have been a little disheartening in the cutting patch but looking at my weekly blooms with a cup of tea in hand has definitely given me hope!

This weeks arrangement was inspired by my home-grown tulips.  The entire arrangement is from my own garden, and although the tulips take centre stage, I just love the colouring of the delicate blueberry blossom, the un curling fern that looks like one of the tea cosy patches, and finally the bright pinky pieris foliage.




Ingredients include Super Parrot Tulips, Apricot Foxx Tulips, Mount Tacoma Double Peony Tulips, Blueberry Blossom, Deer Fern, Wild Huckleberry Bush, and Pieris. The tea cosy was home-made by my mum!

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