Oh me! Anemone!

It’s Week 15 of The Blooms!


My favourite arrangement so far! Again all the ingredients are from my garden and cutting patch. I can safely say I’m in love with my home grown anemone’s. It’s the first time I’ve ever grown them and I can’t get over how pretty they are with their poppy like flowers, dark centres, and beautifully rich coloured leaves.


And I have to say they were pretty easy to grow.  I planted the corms direct into a large pot last fall. They started sprouting shoots in February and I had flowers by April.  The great thing about anemone’s is that unlike other bulbs that produce one or maybe two flowers, they keep producing flowers for a couple of months. So look out for more to come!  Another advantage of anemone’s is that they don’t have a specific planting time.  I’ve just had another variety delivered and plan to plant these ASAP.


Other little extras I love in this arrangement beside the double peony and apricot foxx tulips which also featured in last weeks arrangement, are bleeding heart (a shade loving perennial), a viridiflora tulip called spring green, and one of the last magnolia blossoms from my magnolia tree.

IMG_3139 IMG_3164

Full ingredient list includes Anemone Coronaria (Sylphide), Tulips (Spring Green), Tulips (Apricot Foxx), Tulips (Mount Tacoma Double Peony), Magnolia Blossom, Blueberry Blossom, Pieris, Euonymus, and Bleeding Heart.

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