Weather Obsessed

Last time I updated my progress in the cutting patch, it was mid March and I’d decided to hedge my bets and get planting before going to England for 3 weeks. I planted seeds in pots in my greenhouse, which my lovely neighbour agreed to water while I was gone, as well as some outside directly into the raised beds.  I don’t think I really expected to see anything when I got home but there was some success waiting for me. In my green house I had tiny little Centaurea and Cosmos seedlings.


And in my raised beds I had more Centaurea plus some Ammi and Lupin seedlings.

IMG_2851   IMG_3107

After the euphoria, depression set in pretty quick as I realized how much had not germinated. I’d been gone 3 weeks…surley enough time for seeds to germinate…but obviously nowhere near the right conditions.

I held off sowing any more seeds and became obsessed with the weather! Not hard for an English lass!  I’ve even got the kids at it.  My son Crosby reads the weather to me from my iPhone first thing every morning. We discuss the weather and seasons constantly throughout the day. In fact it’s astounding how much his everyday life relates to it. You know, important things like he can’t play on the trampoline because it’s hailing (and I’m thinking my seedlings are getting beaten down), and that the creek is too high for him to walk trough today because it hasn’t stopped raining for 3 days (and I’m thinking my seeds are probably washed away by now), and it’s so hot he wants to run through the sprinkler and eat dinner on the deck (and I’m thinking maybe I should plant some more seeds now), and how now its spring and then its summer and in July it will be his birthday (and I’m thinking in July please let my cutting patch have flowers in it).  Of course my thoughts are just as important as his ;).

About week or two ago we had a hot weekend where the temperature reached 17 degrees C.  I couldn’t hold off any longer and I planted seeds in pots in the greenhouse again and also direct.  I’d looked at the forecast and although it was for rain, there was no mention of what actually came last week….hail storms and temperatures around 2-5 degrees C.  My dahlias were also delivered last week and I was too scared to plant them.  I felt so defeated.  I seriously thought I’d be back to the shops to buy more seed within no time.


IMG_3232  IMG_3228

And then yesterday I saw them……lines of tiny little shoots sprouting through the soil in my raised beds.  Whilst my seeds don’t seem to be germinating very well undercover in my greenhouse, in my raised beds they are doing it!!!  How they survived through all those storms I will never know. Maybe it’s the compost I added to the raised beds? 😉


I swear gardening is like a rollercoaster.  Highs, lows and lots of anxious apprehensiveness in-between. And I’m sure this is only the beginning of it.  Is this something I can cope with!? Am I going to be resilient enough? Patient enough?

Who knows. The weathers looking good for the next few days….sunshine and showers, warmer temperatures….maybe I’ll get my dahlia’s in after all…..

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