The Good Old Days


It’s Week 16 of The Blooms and I have to say, now my spring bulb flowers have gone my junior cutting patch is looking decidedly bare!  So this week I turned to my little wild flower bed at the side of the house currently laden in Bluebells, Wild Bleeding Heart, Germander Speedwell, and Forget-Me-Nots.  I was interested to see how well the Bluebells would fare as a cut flower and the answer is surprising well.  I cut them when the bottom few flowers on the spike were just opening up and I’m not kidding they lasted for at least 2 weeks.  Their appearance changed throughout this time. Most notably was their change in colour from purple to white and honestly this made them all the more beautiful to me.

IMG_3176  FullSizeRender-4

I’ll always have a little attachment to Bluebells as I spent my teenage years living five minutes walk away from a wood of thousands and thousands of bluebells carpeting the ground.  Even at sixteen years of age when I suppose I should have had ‘cooler’ ways to spend my time, I was there several times throughout the spring gazing in awe at the sight before me.  Thankfully, back then, I didn’t have the urge to pick them – a big conservation “no no”.  Put me there now and I’d have a serious case of itchy scissor syndrome!  Best stick to those I have now in my own garden, even if it is only just enough to remind me of the good old days.


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