Spring’s Bright


Week 18 of The Blooms features Centaurea Montana also known as the perennial or mountain cornflower.  Picked in my neighbour’s garden, at a distance they didn’t necessarily stand out as a striking candidate for a cut flower.  Once arranged with a few other ingredients from my garden however, these spring flowers, with their attractive buds and unique looking petals, stand out as bright as bright can be! Not only a favourite of mine, they seem to be a hit with the bees as well.



Ingredients include Centaurea Montana, Solomons Seal and Anemone (Mr Fokker).

IMG_3497     IMG_3501 IMG_3486

4 thoughts on “Spring’s Bright

  1. So beautiful 🌱 What is the green and white plant called , I think I have some growing in my hedge row ? No flowers yet but the leaves look so similar. I hope you have some new followers , a few of my friends here love ‘ALL’ things British ! 🇬🇧Keep the flag flying with your beautiful arrangements .


    1. Hi Angie. It’s Solomons Seal. It’s a nice one to arrange with because the stems are so long and hang so nicely with the little white bells. Thanks for all your support Angie. I just wish I had access to all my mum’s vases and jugs! I would be in heaven!


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