Queen Anne’s Lace

Welcome to Week 19 of The Blooms.

I know Spring is coming to an end and Summer is on the way as Queen Anne’s Lace, or Cow Parsley, (Anthriscus Sylvestris) is blooming both in my garden and the lanes and hedgerows all around the neighbourhood.  Although not quite as obvious as the clouds of cream lace lining English country roads that I remember as a child, the foaming froth of tiny white blooms on umbrella like stalks is ever-present here in North Vancouver as well.


Unsure of the rules and regulations about picking wildflowers around district and regional park land, I’m glad to have ample supply in my own front garden in an overgrown flower bed hidden behind our trailer.

Once picked, it lasts amazingly well.  I seared the ends in boiling water and then plunged them into cold water up to their necks for about 10 minutes.

I thought it would be fun to arrange the Queen Ann’s Lace into a tight mound just for a change from its looser appearance in the wild.


I also couldn’t help but add a small more natural looking posie as well.  A collection of terracotta pots awaiting Geraniums that I  haven’t had chance to buy yet, made a great spot for the two arrangements.


You won’t have seen the last of Queen Anne’s Lace in my arrangements. I have to say, it’s another favourite of mine!

6 thoughts on “Queen Anne’s Lace

  1. Try to get the pink version, I have it in the garden and it lasts well and goes well with dark purple tulips and grey artemisia love mum.

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  2. Morning Hannah,

    Think I am going to pick some & put some in the house as they look gorgeous. Di has used some in with some other flowers already as they are growing at the end of her garden. Lovely.

    Love Rita x

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    1. Oh good! I’m glad I inspired you! It’s such a pretty flower but wouldn’t necessarily be the first choice to pick and bring in the house. Sometimes the simplest things can be the most beautiful!


  3. Beautiful . Many years ago when Harriet’ s Godfather was married in an old English church deep in the Norfolk countryside , the only flowers in the church and the brides bouquet, were ..Queen Anne’s Lace . The memory of the flowers at all the weddings I have been to have blended , except that one .

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