Week 20 of The Blooms


Another week of The Blooms and another week of flowers picked from my own garden.  None from the cutting patch yet, mind you!  I’m starting to wonder if I’m ever going to get any flowers from all those little seeds I planted. But that’s a subject for another post!

I’m lucky enough to have a strip of garden at the side of our house that I consider a more natural and wild habitat for flowers, ferns, mosses and shrubs to grow, and this is where I picked the majority of this weeks ingredients.


The big hollow tree stump is a reminder of the ancient forest that once grew before Lynn Valley was logged in the late 1800’s.  It’s nice to have some of those ferns, mosses and flowers, such as the foxgloves, growing here as they would have done under such massive trees all those years ago.


Ingredients include Digitalis (Foxgloves), Hesperis matronalis (Sweet Rocket), Fern, Queen Anne’s Lace and Mint.

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