Green But No Rainbow – Yet!!!

So whats happening in the Cutting Patch? It’s been about two and a half months since I first planted my seeds.  I’ve been nurturing these little seeds with all my heart! Watching them grow into tiny seedlings, potting the seedlings on, planting them out into their new flower beds, weeding around them, watering them, picking off earwigs and slugs, pinching them out, protecting them from dog paws, 2 year old mischievous fingers, baseballs and frisbees, staking them up, and dare I say it talking to them mostly asking when the ‘bleep’ are they going to give me flowers!  Patience Hannah! Patience….but it’s very hard to believe a flower will ever come!


I am starting to wonder if I have enough sunny hours on the cutting patch during the day to grow flowers. What if Autumn and the frost come before I have chance to yield a single bloom?!


The good news is that I’m enjoying my new responsibility of caring for my crop and although disheartening at times, it is incredibly therapeutic.  There is something rather pleasant about being up at the crack of dawn watering my plants bare footed in the soaking wet grass, and again in the quiet evening when the kids have gone to bed and I finally get chance to clear my head and take some deep breaths!


Nearly everyday I hear my 4 year old son say “Mum isn’t it amazing how all these green leaves have come from tiny seeds?” And I say “Yes it sure is bud, but you just wait for the rainbow of flowers to come”.

So I do have faith they will come….It’s all just a matter of time.

2 thoughts on “Green But No Rainbow – Yet!!!

  1. Keep the faith Han ! mine are all drowning from the continuous down pours. Soggy , limp and sad . However the minute the sun appears , they seem to grow and inch .

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