Week 21 of The Blooms

I’m a week or so behind with my weekly local and seasonal flower arrangements, but not for lack of flowers! Rather time. I have had one of my biggest followers (my mum!) staying with me for a few weeks and although lots of gardening and flower arranging has been occurring, my blogging has gone a little by the wayside.  Anyway, it’s my mum who I have to thank for Week 21’s arrangement as it was her who came home one morning with her arms full of Purple Sensation Allium and Allium seed heads.


She happened to be walking by a North Vancouver Parks flower bed in my local community when she noticed the parks workers pulling them up, making space for their next planting.  I’d already chatted to mum about my desire to dry all my homegrown Alliums this year so she decided to ask for any left overs that were going to be composted to add to my collection.

IMG_3967      IMG_3968

When I saw the long stems and massive pom-pom heads I just couldn’t resist making a couple of arrangements before I hung them up to dry.  In my experience Alliums last incredibly well in a vase.  They do have a slight onion fragrance, being from that family, but only if you go up close, and even then I wouldn’t say it’s offensive. If it really does bother you they are a good flower to have outside on the garden table.  They are also incredibly easy to grow, the effort required amounting to digging a hole, dropping in a bulb and covering it up again!  A quick trip to the garden centre to buy the bulbs and 10 minutes of your time in the garden this fall, come spring you will be so glad you made the effort.  Well I certainly was! And as for this little lot my mum brought home…? Well, they’ve just been a Brucie Bonus!





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