Week 23 of The Blooms


I’d say the success of my cutting patch so far has been my ‘Blue Boy’ Cornflowers.  Every night I cut another big handful of these beautiful blue flowers.  I love their intensity of colour which has been extremely versatile when arranging with other flowers. I’m now kicking myself that I didn’t try growing the rich dark red wine coloured variety called ‘Black Ball’ as well.


This hardy annual has been really easy to grow, requiring nothing more than pinching out and staking.  They are of good length, require no feeding, and grow best on poor soils.  Also as their stems are thin, they take up very little space in the cutting patch and once cut, they just keep on blooming.  

IMG_4390    IMG_4391

I arranged the Cornflowers with some Blue Fescue ornimental grass from my own garden, leaves of Smoke Bush picked from my neighbour’s garden, and finally the white wild flowers of Corncockle grown at my new favourite organic flower farm Bath Tub Gardens in Pemberton, BC.  (As a side note, if growing or arranging Corncockle, it’s one to keep out of reach of very little fingers, as it’s known to be poisonous if ingested).


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