Week 24 of The Blooms

Some delicate little flowers called Nigella, also known as ‘Love in a Mist’, were waiting for me in my cutting patch when I got back from a camping trip last weekend. The variety I am growing is called Persian Jewels, and although not the tallest or showiest of varieties, their papery pastel coloured petals provide a stunning backdrop for the unusual bright green curly anthers and stamen in the centre of the flower.  Their spiky leaves are also attractive to the eye and make this flower one of a kind.

IMG_4438       IMG_4444

Known as a quintessential cottage garden plant I chose to arrange them in a little posy with Ammi, which is growing like crazy in my cutting patch right now, and some blue Hydrangea blooms that I saved from ivy suffocation last year in my overgrown front garden.




I’m starting to grow flowers faster than I can cut and arrange them right now and the thought of them going to seed without me getting chance to pick them is really stressing me out. Luckily Nigella is one that I don’t need to worry too much about as apparently when it does go to seed, its seed pods are particularly attractive and look pretty in arrangements. Perhaps I could dry some of the pods and its beauty will never end!

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