Week 26 of The Blooms

Icelandic Poppies have always been one of my favourite flowers mainly because of their delicate tissue paper petals. Since growing them myself, I love them even more.  It’s been amazing to watch their tight furry unopened buds begin to bulge at the seams and then suddenly pop open in front of my very eyes. Within hours their petals open up to become a fully blooming flower, colours ranging from pastels to more striking oranges, yellows and reds.

.IMG_1447   IMG_1452

I planted tiny Poppy seeds directly onto the surface of the soil in one of my raised beds in March. Often treated as biennials I was not expecting to get flowers until next year.  But for some reason they have been flowering continuously for about a month now and they are still going strong.


Notorious for not lasting long once cut, I have managed to get mine to last for a maximum of about 3 days after which the petals just fall off and float to the ground.  It’s well-known that searing the stems for 15-20 seconds in boiling water or burning the ends immediately after cutting and right before adding to water can extend their cut life, although I am yet to try this.  I’ve found the stems of my Poppies a little unruly and extremely prone to snapping, so honestly, arranging them hasn’t been easy.


And so comes Week 26’s arrangement with Icelandic poppies from my garden.  Also a favourite of my daughters I decided to arrange them for her in her bedroom.  I thought my daughters stuffed lion looked as decidedly droopy as some of the poppies themselves so couldn’t resist getting him in the picture as well!


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