All Summer Long

I recently found out this year at my Nan’s funeral that her favourite flowers were Geraniums.  I was so delighted to find this out as I to developed a love for them last year when I grew them for the first time.  I think it was the scent of their leaves that got me hooked and dead heading them became a pleasure.


Paired with my delight came an incredible feeling of sadness.  Why was it that it took me until the day of Nan’s funeral to find out her favourite flower?   Why hadn’t I asked her about it before?  Why had I not paid more attention and listened harder to all my grandparents talk about their beautiful gardens?

I am left with memories.  Memories like sneaking off into my grandparents greenhouses, hoping to find a ripe cherry tomato to pop in my mouth while no one was looking.  I remember the overwhelming warmth I felt as I entered the greenhouse and the smell of earth, tomatoes and maybe, now I come to think of it, even Geraniums!


And so comes Week 29 of The Blooms….an ode to all my avid gardener grandparents. An arrangement I can look at and smell all Summer long and remember the love, care, and time they put into their gardens, just as I am putting into mine.



One thought on “All Summer Long

  1. Beautiful Han , one of my favorite too. Your Grandma lives on in you . It is our legacy to honor our parents and grandparents , in the way we live our lives . Your Nan would have been so proud of you x


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