Spice of Life

Week 30 of The Blooms

Here is this weeks arrangement. A little late, but here none the less.IMG_1610Being the height of Summer there has been no better time for me to make an arrangement with such a variety of flowers, all from the cutting patch, including…IMG_1588Dahlias that are blooming beautifully left, right, and centre,IMG_1606 Calendula which although are not one of my favourite flowers, have been a great filler in this weeks arrangement,IMG_1598Snap Dragons, andIMG_1519French Marigolds.

I’ve been wanting to produce something with less green and more bloom for a while, and although I would never have dreamt up the style and colours in this arrangement before I made it, working simply with what is available to me in the garden has somehow produced one of my favourite arrangements.  Having my own cutting patch and the access to such a variety of flowers has really given me the opportunity to experiment and get creative as I go along.IMG_1618Full Ingredient list includes Dahlias, Snap Dragons, Zinnias, French Marigolds, Calendula, Icelandic Poppies, Gladioli, Begonia, and Cosmos.

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