Standing Proud

A few weeks back I made an arrangement with Bells of Ireland that were grown at a local flower farm.  I was at the time growing some of my own but they were indistinguishable as Bells of Ireland and I wondered if I was ever going to manage to grow my own.IMG_1445Well lo and behold, all it took was a little patience, and now I have ample supply!IMG_1589I love these tall, apple green spiked flowers and although perhaps a bit overbearing in this arrangement, I couldn’t help but show them off. In hindsight they could probably carry themselves in a large vase without any other flowers, or even be used as a foliage base if the tips were cut off….maybe next week!IMG_1677IMG_1668Homegrown Zinnias, Dahlias, Sweet peas and Sedum all accompany my Bells of Ireland creating a very bright, lush, ‘in your face’ arrangement! Like it or loath it….those Bells are standing proud and so am I!IMG_1670IMG_1675IMG_1659

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