Good Enough?

I think, if I’m honest, one of the reasons I have recently fallen behind with the weekly flower arrangement posts (apart from being ‘busy’, which happens to us all right?), is that some weeks I have felt that my arrangements just haven’t been good enough to post.

For the last few months, the cutting patch has given me ample flowers to arrange with, more than I could have imagined.  To ensure they kept coming, in the height of Summer I was picking flowers every night. I had little bunches in every room of the house, in the garden, in buckets, in the fridge, hanging from doors, just everywhere!  If we were going away for the weekend I’d leave buckets full of flowers on my neighbours doorstep just so they didn’t die without being enjoyed!FullSizeRender-9Having so many flowers gave me lots of opportunity to practice arranging them but a lot of the time I found that my garden flowers were best suited to smaller more understated posies.  I had started to feel, and still do a bit, that every week I had to produce something just as good as the week before, if not better, and a little mason jar full of Dahlias just wasn’t going to cut the mustard!  It’s scary what blogging can do to your self-confidence. I’m glad this blog extends to my gardening, flower arranging, photography and writing skills only…actually that is quite a lot!!!

Anyway, I digress! Time off blogging has given me the chance to get back to the roots of 4 Blooms and a Bee and remember the main reason I took on the challenge of trying to produce a flower arrangement a week for a whole year, as well as grow my own cutting patch and seek out local distributors of flowers. I wanted to get people thinking about the origin of the flowers they are buying. I hoped to inspire others to seek out more local, seasonal alternatives and maybe even inspire others to try to grow their own blooms and help feed the bees whilst doing it.IMG_5090IMG_4797So Week 33 of The Blooms is just a mason jar full of Dahlias! But these Dahlias were grown in my own little garden, that didn’t exist 6 months ago.  No chemical weed killer, fertiliser or pest control.  I just fed the earth with compost and natural fertilizers and let the biological pest control army do its job.  Whilst blooming in my garden this little jar of Dahlias has helped to provide nectar for honeybees, bumblebees and solitary bees, and those still growing in my garden now will continue to do so as early Autumn sets in and food becomes more scarce.  The decline in bees across the globe has been a cause of concern for years and while scientists struggle to pin down the cause, one thing is for sure, growing flowers, be it in your own back garden, apartment balcony, or at a community garden, can help play a part in supporting our buzzy friends.  Not to mention, once picked, they can look beautifully understated in your living room!IMG_1730IMG_5448

4 thoughts on “Good Enough?

  1. Your writing is truly a delight to read Han. Love reading the blogs. Keep enjoying writing & arranging & I will keep enjoying reading.

    Love Rita xx

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  2. We all suffer from a lack of confidence at times , but try not to be hard on yourself . I love reading your blogs and enjoy your beautiful pictures , however in all honesty I didn’t notice that you had stopped for a while ! It doesn’t matter ! It is just a joy why they do pop up and if the photos disappoint you because the arrangement isn’t as creative as the last , try to remember they are flowers , and one single flower in a milk bottle can be as stunning as twenty carefully positioned . My day is always brighter and lighter when I see your pretty pictures . However if you are busy or just don’t feel like posting one week , IT IS OK !!! We( your followers) will still be around 🌻💐🐝


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