Bucket Full of Fall

Week 35 of The Blooms

Here, in Vancouver, Autumn has definitely arrived.  Day light hours are decreasing, the sun is lower in the sky, the mornings bring dew on the grass, the leaves are changing colour and falling to the ground, and of course, its colder and the long days of rain are back.  For the gardener and nature lover in me the change is both refreshing and natural.  For the mum in me, I have to say, it’s a bit of a hassle being back to waterproof pants and rain boots!

Whenever I do feel slightly depressed that Summer is over I think about all the things that we wouldn’t have without all the rain and the change in seasons.  For me here in Vancouver it’s the lush green rainforest, the rushing rivers that have been trickling all Summer, and maple leaves that turn the brightest red I have ever seen.

And if this still doesn’t pick me up, I turn to flowers!  The Sunflowers, Dahlias and Snap Dragons in this weeks arrangement were all grown in my cutting patch, except the bright yellow Sunflowers which were grown at a local flower farm and can be purchased at nearly any florist and supermarket right now. IMG_1754IMG_1749I’ve been wanting to cut the Sunflowers in our garden for a couple of months now but I’ve been under strict instructions from my son not to touch them as he planted the seeds and watered them all Summer.  They are such a great flower for kids to grow as the end product is so tall and cheery.  Most Sunflowers also produce a lot of pollen so are great for attracting bees and other insects as well. IMG_4951IMG_5090IMG_5468Finally, after seeing the Sunflowers get beaten down by the rain (plus a little persuasion), I was given permission to cut them and use them in an arrangement. And I have to say, it is my most cheerful arrangement yet! Happy Autumn!IMG_1738

2 thoughts on “Bucket Full of Fall

  1. Awesome Autumn ! Love it ,the smells and colours ! Time to say goodbye to my beloved Hummingbirds …see you next year .😕 Inspired to grow sun flowers next year 🌻🌻

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    1. They really are so easy….just need a bit of staking…The best variety for cut flowers are annuals that don’t grow super tall, say to about 5 foot max, and those that have branching stems and will produce more than just one giant flower head. Vanilla Ice and Valentine are two varieties I can think of to be more like this.


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