Veggie Vase

Week 39 Of The BloomsFullSizeRender_2Inspired by a book by Willow Crossley called ‘Inspire – The Art of Living in Nature’, I decided to make some red cabbage vases for a Halloween arrangement this week.  Crossley explains how great cabbages are as vases because the layers of leaves act as natural ready-made drainage, so whatever you plant in them should have a good chance of living as long as it would in its original pot.  All you need to do it cut a hole in the top of the cabbage and dig down using the knife or spoon until you have a hole big enough to plant your favourite plant with a little compost. I chose Violas in some Halloween colours.FullSizeRenderFullSizeRender_1FullSizeRender_3

2 thoughts on “Veggie Vase

  1. What a fabulous idea Hannah! Love it! Will certainly be having a go sometime. Do you think you could do it on a smaller scale with tiny flowers & brussel sprouts or is it just cabbage? xxx


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