Autumn in the Cutting Patch

Never has the change in seasons been more visible to me than this year now I have my own cutting patch. And the change from Summer to Autumn has, I have to admit, been the most depressing.  Don’t get me wrong, amidst the over growing flowers and browning of the leaves there has been unbelievable beauty surrounding me, but seeing my flowers die and come to an end in such a messy way brought me one October day to literally pull up my whole cutting patch! There had not yet been a frost, so I think there was probably a few weeks left in my Dahlias, Zinnias and Cosmos but I couldn’t bear it any longer!  Once I’d done it, it felt good to have a clean slate again.  I filled up my beds with more soil and compost, dug up and prepared my Dahlia tubers for winter, and started planting my early spring bulbs.IMG_5569IMG_5599IMG_5608IMG_5619When I look outside now though and see the empty boxes I can’t help but feel a pang of desire for curved flower beds and a perennial garden, one that is not such a production line of flower growing! I wonder about next year and what I will grow.  And then my eyes turn to the beauty in the rest of my garden, the tress, and nature around me.  Summer and all its abundance might be over but Autumn brings with it its own breath-taking beauty and some of the most amazing colours I have ever seen.FullSizeRender-4

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