Beauty Berry

Week 40 of The Blooms

I have been dreaming about using branches with this amazing coloured berry in an arrangement, ever since I saw them this time last year in a garden in my neighbourhood.  When I first saw them I was on a run and I had to stop as I literally couldn’t believe the beautiful purple colour of the berries.  I was not shocked when I returned home and found the name of the shrub to be Callicarpa, better known as Beautyberry. I thought about looking in the garden centre to see if I could buy myself one of these beautiful berry producing shrubs but of course I didn’t get around to it.IMG_6018I couldn’t believe it when last week I stumbled across the purple berries again a year later, this time on some fallen branches by a bigger Callicarpa bush at a local woodland park.  I salvaged what I could from the fallen branches and had to restrain myself from picking some of the larger branches from the shrub!FullSizeRender-3If anything was going to crank me up a notch and get me blogging again, this was it.  Even though it’s really just a few short twigs in a jar, they really do look beautiful to me!

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