Encouraged by the look of my door wreath and the fun I had making the base by weaving grape vines, I decided to do another one for a table centerpiece.  I made this one a bit thicker so I could insert into it some single candle holders I bought from the craft store and spray painted silver. I then used some ivy, berries, and fir cones from the garden to decorate it.  FullSizeRender-6I was mostly able to attach them by winding the stems into the vines, but for the candle holders and some of the fir cones my glue gun was a requirement!IMG_6278Another option for such a centerpiece is demonstrated by Willow Crossley in her book Inspire, The Art of Living with Nature, who ties a similar peppercorn wreath from the ceiling over her kitchen table.  I much preferred the look of this option but it didn’t work for our kitchen table.  Here are a few pictures anyway for an example of how the centre piece could hang.FullSizeRender-7FullSizeRender-8






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