Local Flower Labels

In case you hadn’t noticed, when you go to buy flowers from the local florist or supermarket, unlike food, it is not easy to find out exactly where the flowers have come from. There is currently minimal flower labelling to indicate the origin of flowers. With this in mind, I thought it might be of interest to some to accumulate a list of local BC (for now) farm labels and flower branding to look out for the next time you go to buy your blooms.


Flowerful BC – Pick Local  http://www.flowerfulbc.com.  Flowerful BC – Pick Local is a new brand representing the plants and flowers grown locally by British Columbia’s own growers.  It is an initiative of United Flower Growers, a Burnaby-based cooperative of close to 100 growers located from Vancouver Island to the Fraser Valley, who provide flowers through a dutch-style auction system.  Unfortunately, unless the supermarket or florist you buy these flowers from is prepared to look at their paper work, it is difficult to tell the exact farm the flowers have come from, hence the growing methods used.


IMG_1601 ONOS Greenhouse Ltd. http://onostulips.com. Onos Greenhouses Ltd. is located in Rosedale, BC and specializes in the propagation of tulips and other bulb flowers.  They sell the cut flowers through the United Flower Growers Co-operative Association and Wholesalers in North America.  Their website currently has no information on their growing methods.



IMG_1596Quiks Farm Ltd. http://www.quikfarm.ca/index.php. Located in Chilliwack, BC Quik Farm specialises in greenhouse grown Chrysanthemums, Oriental Lilies, Alstromeria, and Lisianthus.  Quiks Farm say sustainability is important to them and their practise of waste wood heating and integrated pest management is described on their website.




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