Growing Supplies

Below is a list of the supplies I used, am using, or considered using for my cut flower patch.  Their success and whether I recommend them, in many cases, is yet to be determined, but it may be of interest to other Vancouverites who are sourcing materials for their own cut flower patch.

Raised Beds

We purchased our raised beds already constructed from a guy on craigslist in Maple Ridge, BC.  His Facebook page is Red Barn Woodworks


After much deliberation I purchased Green Waste Compost for my raised beds from Harvest Power at the North Shore Transfer Station branch.  I chose 50% Garden Blend and 50% Soil Amender.  Product specifications can be obtained on request.

Some of the other suppliers I considered were;

Roberge Trucking

Got Dirt Ltd.



This year I ordered my seeds from West Coast Seeds https:// based in Delta, BC. They supply untreated and non-GEO/GMO seeds intended for organic growing.


My bulbs, tubers and corms came from in Langley, BC.

Another local Dahlia supplier I considered was;

Ferncliff Gardens based in Mission, BC.

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